Who We Are? What We Do?

East Texans for Liberty (ET4L) is a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to promoting constitutional conservatism and fostering citizen engagement in the political process. Founded on a steadfast commitment to constitutional principles, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the principles of free markets, ET4L actively empowers individuals of all ages to take an active role in shaping our society.

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose are clear: to influence public policy at the local, state, and national levels in alignment with the core values of a constitutionally limited government, responsible fiscal policies, and the principles of free-market economics. We strive to educate, organize, and activate individuals from all walks of life to participate in civic affairs, safeguard these values through political advocacy, and collaborate with like-minded groups sharing our passion for liberty.

What We Do

At East Texans for Liberty, we take action and make a difference through various initiatives:

  • Advocacy in Austin: Every two years, during legislative sessions, we journey to the state capital, Austin, to testify in favor of sound legislation and against detrimental bills. Our track record includes defending the sanctity of life, preserving Texas history, supporting property tax reform, ensuring election integrity, and advocating for constitutional carry, among numerous other issues.
  • Monthly Public Meetings: We host free, open-to-the-public meetings every second Monday of the month, complete with complimentary dinners. These gatherings serve as valuable platforms for sharing information and fostering discussions on critical topics.
  • Candidate Training: ET4L offers candidate training, equipping aspiring political leaders with essential skills and insights needed for meaningful campaigns. This includes guidance on block walking, fundraising, and connecting with conservative consultants.
  • Bill Reading and Legislative Process Training: We provide training on how to effectively read a bill and follow it through the intricate Texas legislative process.
  • Candidate Forums: During election years, we organize candidate forums for voters and opinion leaders to meet and engage with primary candidates.
  • Community Involvement: Our team members actively serve as Deputy Voter Registrars, promoting civic participation and voter registration.
  • Social and Community Initiatives: ET4L engages in numerous community-driven projects, from canvassing for political candidates to supporting law enforcement agencies, providing educational scholarships, and assisting vulnerable children and the spouses of fallen officers.
  • Strong Leadership: Our board members are drawn from various walks of life and bring their unique experiences and expertise, including NRA members, Republican Party of Texas Volunteer of the Year, Volunteer Deputy Registrars, and dedicated precinct chairs.
  • No Fees or Membership Dues: We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and accessible organization, offering our services without any membership fees.
  • Volunteer-Driven: Every member of our team is a dedicated volunteer. None of our team members are paid for their contributions.

Our Accomplishments

East Texans for Liberty (ET4L) takes immense pride in its history of impactful accomplishments. These accomplishments serve as a testament to East Texans for Liberty’s unwavering commitment to preserving conservative values, constitutional principles, and the well-being of our community. We continue to make a tangible impact, advocate for our beliefs, and foster a brighter future for all.

  • Stood strong in opposing former Democrat Senator Wendy Davis’s efforts to permit abortions as late as 20+ weeks. We’re committed to the sanctity of life from conception.
  • Actively supported Texas Carry, championing the right to bear arms as a fundamental constitutional freedom.
  • Rallied behind the Chick-Fil-A bill, ensuring that the City of San Antonio didn’t infringe on the religious beliefs of a respected business.
  • Our advocacy played a pivotal role in Property Tax Reform, resulting in a 3.5% cap and automatic elections for tax increases, promoting fiscal responsibility and limited government.
  • Played a crucial role in seeking parental rights through SB 10 – the consortium, ensuring that parents have a say in the medical decisions of their students.
  • Facilitated educational scholarships to academic and trade schools, investing in the future of our youth.
  • Joined forces with Faith & Freedom Coalition to canvas for Judge Nathanial Moran, Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton, reaching 12,500 households and actively promoting conservative leaders.
  • Collaborated with the American Legion to donate 300 “In God We Trust” posters to school districts and businesses in Upshur County, fostering patriotism and values.
  • Our leadership played a pivotal role in the No-Confidence Resolutions against former Speaker Joe Straus, asserting our commitment to conservative values across the state.
  • Took an active role in providing Active Shooter Vests to the Upshur County Law Sheriff’s Office, Constables, and local entities, raising $4,000 for Upshur County’s Constables.
  • Hosted biennial Inaugural Receptions for Upshur County elected officials and their families, promoting unity and cooperation in our community.
  • Dedicates resources to supporting our most vulnerable children through contributions to the Rainbow Room, fostering a safer and more nurturing environment.
  • Active support of the 100 Club, an organization providing for the spouses of fallen officers, recognizing their sacrifice and commitment to public safety.
  • Played a pivotal role in a letter to President Donald Trump advocating for the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, contributing to a significant national policy change.

    East Texans for Liberty stands as a steadfast champion of liberty, committed to advancing the cause of constitutional conservatism and empowering citizens to take an active role in shaping the future of our great state and nation. Join us in our journey to make a difference for our community, our state, and our nation.