Sept 11 – Rebecca Hardy, Texans for Vaccine Choice

Rebecca Hardy Board President & Policy Director for Texans for Vaccine Choice
Ms. Hardy will join us to discuss the great strides the Vaccine Choice movement has made in Texas and the work left to do.

Many of you have faced challenges, in your own family, as a result of vaccines. Not to mention the demands made regarding the Covid vaccinations.

As a speech-language pathologist, Rebecca has encountered many children with profound vaccine injuries. These experiences created a passion for protecting others from these kinds of negative health outcomes, which she has turned into activism. Rebecca is one of the original three founders of TFVC and was working to grow this organization from when it was only an idea. She currently serves as Policy Director, drafting legislative strategy, and Board President. Rebecca is dedicated to protecting medical liberties and informed consent for all Texans. Rebecca and her husband Tim have two daughters.

Join us for a free public meeting, with a complimentary dinner, and meet your elected officials and conservative leaders, while staying apprised of legislation and political affairs that affect you and your family the most. Bring a friend!

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