Letter of Appreciation to ET4L

Dear Members of the Board,

Thank you for the work you do and the information you so freely share. 

When I finally realized that being an informed voter was not enough and that I had to get involved in politics if I wanted our country to change direction, I had no idea where to start.  I looked to several local groups and the local party for guidance.  My constant question was, “What do you DO to make a difference?”  Amazingly, I never received a clear answer.  Over time, I realized they did not do much besides fight among themselves.  I wanted both information on what is going on and a crash course on the best way to make a difference so I kept looking.

When I found ET4L, I knew your group was different.  Yes, I could attend programs to learn what issues were coming up, but I also found very practical ways to be involved.  Your program on how to read and follow bills gave me an easy tool that I can use to follow issues myself.  Your instruction on how bills move through the legislature helped me focus my attention on the points in the process where I can change the course of a bill.  So many people say, “Call your representatives” but you taught me the best approaches to avoid alienating my representatives and, hopefully, sway their opinions. 

At one event, you showed a slide show of the issues you have addressed and I saw clearly that you are more than just talk.  You get things done.  I did not see that in any of the other local groups.  You truly do make a difference. 

While I still do not consider myself “political”, the reality is that politics impact every aspect of my daily life from my medical care and the water I drink, to the food I eat and the car I drive.  I have to be politically active.  And, in the overwhelming chaos of the nightly news, you have given me the tools to confidently add my voice and efforts to make the change I want to see in our country.  Please know that your efforts make an impact from the state level, to the local level, and even down to the individual level.