Call To Action: HB 900 is at RISK!

Dear Republicans,

Your URGENT ACTION is needed to save HB 900 by Rep. Patterson.  HB 900 mandates school library standards that prohibit sexually explicit materials in Texas schools and has strong enforcement through vendor labeling.  This bill has TEETH!
The vendors selling filthy books to Texas schools have come out very strong against HB 900, testifying against the bill in public testimony and lobbying hard behind the scenes.  The top vendors make millions of dollars selling books to Texas schools.
On Wednesday, a committee substitute came out that made substantive changes to the bill.  These changes were strongly disagreeable to the author, including the vendor enforcement that was a critical component to the bill.
Please contact the Senate Education Chair, Senator Brandon Creighton and the Lt. Governor and ask them to pass HB 900 without amendments to the vendor enforcement.  I’ve attached their phone numbers to the bottom of this email.
On Monday, The Heritage Foundation called HB 900, as passed by the Texas House, “model” legislation for the rest of the nation to follow.  We must protect Texas kids by passing HB 900. 
The Texas House passed HB 900 on April 20th.  Please TAKE ACTION today to get this bill to the Governor’s desk.

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Dan Patrick (512) 463-0001
  (512) 463-5342
Chair Brandon Creighton (512) 463-0104

In liberty and God’s grace,

Christin Bentley M.S.
SD-1 State Republican Executive Committeewoman

Chair Sub-Committee Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids

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