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Stacy McMahan – Executive Director/Acting President and Spokesperson

Stacy is a founding member of  East Texans for Liberty.  She is the Executive Director and President of the Board of Directors.  She serves as the Spokesperson, Director of Programs and Events, Media and Public Relations, and Website and Social Media.

A life-long constitutional conservative, Stacy’s passions include life, the Second Amendment, religious liberty, Texas family values, and education. 

Stacy was part of Ted Cruz’s “Kitchen Cabinet” in the former Solicitor General’s first run for U.S. Senate (predecessor Kay Bailey Hutchinson), the East Texas liaison for Governor Rick Perry (2012), and has volunteered on many conservative campaigns throughout the years and still does today. 

In 2012, Stacy, a dedicated volunteer, was a Director for the ‘Get Out the Vote’ Campaign for the Republican Party of Gregg County. 

Stacy has been recognized for:

  • Her volunteer efforts for the school district | Pine Tree ISD | 2012;
  • The Tribute to Women Award | Texas Federation of  Republican Women | 2014;
  • Senate District 1 Volunteer of the Year | The Republican Party of Texas  | 2017 & 2018; 
  • Conservative Leader Award | Empower Texans | 2017; 
  • The Champion of Freedom Award | Grassroots America We The People | 2019;
  • Her countless hours contributed to the procurement of Active Shooter Vests and protecting the Law Enforcement of Upshur County | BL.Uprepared  | 2019; and 
  • Her tireless dedication she has exhibited to conservative efforts, passionate commitment to sharing the principles of freedom and liberty, patriotism, and love that she has shown for the great state of Texas and the United States of America | U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert, TX-01 | 2022.

An eager delegate to the Texas Republican Party Convention, Stacy was elected as the Senate Nominations Committee Member for Senate District 1, in 2018.  In 2020, she was a delegate to a historical Congressional District 4 Special Election.  Stacy was honored to serve on the Rules Committee for the Special Election.  Currently, she is in her second term as the Republican Precinct Chair for Precinct 13 in Upshur. 

A seventh-generation Texan, Stacy is a retired paralegal who enjoys time in her garden, her church family, and raising Nubian goats, with her husband Harry. Harry and Stacy were married in 2003, and they have 3 children and 1 grandchild. 

Email:  StacyMcMahan.ET4L@gmail.com

Stacy McMahan

Tina Bryan- 1st Vice President


Tina Bryan

David Royer – 2nd Vice President

As a Board Member and the 2nd Vice President, David serves as the Education Committee Chair. 

A conservative leader with love for the good citizens of this great state, David’s passions include family values, religious freedom, economic development, and the Constitution of the United States.

David dedicated 25 years to the citizens of Upshur County in many ways.  As the EMS Director of Upshur County, David started the first Farm Rescue Program, START Triage Program, First Responder Program that trained volunteer firefighters as EMT’s, and was instrumental in obtaining grants to fund Jaws of Life tools for several VFD’s.  

David was a volunteer firefighter for 14-years.

A veteran paramedic, as the Texas Department of Health Advance Education Coordinator, David also taught EMT Paramedic programs in Upshur and Tyler.

David served as an American Heart Association ACLS Instructor Trainer, PALS IT and a CPR IT.

David is proud to have served on the boards on many organizations as President and as a Board Member, such as Emergency Medical Association, ETOG, American Ambulance Association, and Texas Ambulance Association, LEDCO, Longview Chamber, 911 Committee Chair, 911 Mapping Coordinator for Upshur County, Gilmer Lions Club, and many more.

David is devoted to help bring Economic Development to Upshur.  Through his years, he helped bring in two Economic Developers.

In addition to his many years of service to Upshur County, David is in his first term as the Republican Precinct Chair in Precinct 18, Upshur County.

A 50-year resident of Upshur, David is a fiscal conservative with his heart focused on protecting the taxpayer while consistently moving Upshur County forward. 

David enjoys ranching, camping, hunting, boating, and traveling this great country.  He is married to Wendy West and they have three children.  

David Royer

Mary Anne Farrow – Secretary

Mary Anne is a founding member and serves on the Board of Directors as Secretary. Mary Anne has served as the committee chair for both Education and Caring for Texas committees. 

Mary Anne is a conservative, whose passions include pro-life, educational choice, and property tax reform. Mary Anne also has a soft spot for our amazing law enforcement, recently assisting in the outfitting of law enforcement officers in Upshur County with active shooter vests.

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Mary Anne Farrow got to Texas as fast as she could! She is an Administrative Assistant with the Department of Family and Protective Services, specifically with Child Protective Services, and a fluent Spanish bilingual with a legal background.

Mary Anne was recognized for: 

  • Her countless hours contributed to the procurement of Active Shooter Vests and protecting the Law Enforcement of Upshur County | BL.Uprepared  | 2019 and 
  • The Volunteer Excellence Award | East Texans for Liberty | 2021

Mary Anne is the Upshur County Republican Party Precinct Chair for Precinct 10. 

In her spare time, she is a cantor and lector at her parish church, loves to garden, sings anytime, anywhere, and you will always catch her with a book in her hand. She loves being out in the country living a simple life, loves her animals and chickens, and adores her family. She also is a huge Harry Potter nerd!

A 35-year resident of Upshur County, Mary Anne, a widower after the passing of her best friend and husband Richard Farrow for over 30 years, has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Mary Anne Farrow

Marty Rhymes – PAC Treasurer

Marty is on the Board of Directors and serves as the PAC Treasurer. 

As a long-time conservative, she believes in the values represented by the Republican Party’s strong constitutional conservative platform. Marty is a Pro-Life Christian that puts God first in all things.

Marty has worked on many candidate campaigns, as campaign director, ballot board judge, served on the Mighty Texas Strike Force, Senate District 1 Victory Chairman for Gregg County, and served as Vice Chair in Gregg County. She was appointed to serve on the Texas Funeral Service Commission by Governor George W. Bush and reappointed by Governor Rick Perry. 

Marty has been a delegate to the State Convention numerous times, and as a National Delegate. She has volunteered for many community services.

Marty was recognized for: 

  • Volunteer Award | Former Governor of Texas George W. Bush | 1994
  • Volunteer Award | Kay Bailey Hutchenson 
  • The Tribute to Women Award | Texas Federation of Republican Women 
  • The Senate District 1 Volunteer of the Year | The Republican Party of Texas | 1999 & 2000 | 2013 & 2014
  • Elected as an Elector for the Electorial College, for Senate District 1 | The Republican Party of Texas | 2016 
  • The Volunteer Excellence Award | East Texans for Liberty | 2022

A long-serving Vice-Chair for the Republican Party of Gregg County, Marty also serves as a Precinct Chair for Precinct 12. 

She is a fifth-generation Texan. She attended the University of Texas, in Commerce, and BMI Business School, and has owned several business. She is a widow with two adult sons, three grandchildren and lives in White Oak

Marty Rhymes