ET4L Passes Legislative Priorities Resolution


Last week, East Texans for Liberty passed a resolution on the Republican Party of Texas’ (RPT) Legislative Priorities just in time for the 87th Legislative Session.

The top eight legislative priorities include election integrity, religious freedom, children and gender modification, abolish abortion, constitutional carry, monument protection, school choice for all, and ban taxpayer-funded lobbying. 

Additionally, the organization included Executive Overreach, a legislative priority formally added by RPT Chairman Allen West.  We must ensure that the closing down of our state, the destruction of small business, the barring of visiting family members in nursing homes, and the postponement of life-saving surgeries never happen again! 

If something is not done to correct Executive Overreach NOW, imagine what it will be like under a Democrat.

There are grand hopes for the 87th Legislative Session. However, with redistricting and unenforceable COVID edicts, the ET4L Board of Directors believes it is paramount to re-emphasize the RPT’s 2021 Legislative Priorities.

Finally, we at East Texans for Liberty respectfully request all Senate District 1 Republican Party Executive Committees and conservative organizations pass a resolution requesting their legislators focus on the legislative priority of Executive Overreach, as well as the RPT’s top eight. 

Has your county party or conservative group passed a Resolution
supporting Executive Overreach? 


WHEREAS the 86th Texas legislative session did not conclude with any of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) legislative priorities passed intact into law, and
WHEREAS it is of paramount importance to East Texans for Liberty for the 87th legislative session to pass the 2020 RPT legislative priorities into law, and
WHEREAS our elected representatives in the House and the Senate must deliver our voice to the other members in their respective legislative bodies, and actively pursue, without capitulation or compromise, those legislative priorities which have been passed by the RPT convention delegates, as well as additional priorities of the East Texans for Liberty listed below, therefore,
BE IT RESOLVED that East Texans for Liberty will publicly publish this resolution and send a copy of this resolution to Senate District 1 legislators. Those legislators are as follows:  State Senator Bryan Hughes, State Representative Jay Dean, State Representative Chris Paddie, State Representative Gary VanDeaver, State Representative Cole Hefner, State Representative Matt Schaefer, and State Representative Travis Clardy prior to the 87th session, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the current Republican Party of Texas legislative priorities, which are issues that have overwhelming statewide support by Republicans.  The one item added at the end is included pursuant to being formally added by Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen B. West and East Texans for Liberty believes it to be of such importance that it needs to be included.
2020 RPT Legislative Priorities:
Election Integrity
Require citizenship verification of each voter, and felony penalties for Election Code violations that threaten election integrity (including curtailing and limiting mail-in / absentee voting due to the abuse of this voting process).
Religious Freedom.
Restore the rights of individuals, organizations, and businesses, to exercise their sincerely held religious beliefs by prohibiting local ordinances, state laws, or executive orders that violate those rights.

Children and Gender Modification
Abolish the following practices for minors: intervention to prevent natural progression of puberty; administration of opposite sex hormones; and performance of any type of gender reassignment surgery.

Abolition of Abortion
Abolish abortion by ensuring the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all pre-born children from the moment of fertilization.
Constitutional Carry
Restore legal Texas firearms owners’ rights to carry them openly or concealed without a permit, while maintaining the option of a permit for reciprocity purposes.
Monument Protection
All monuments or markers in our state shall be protected by law from being removed, defaced, destroyed, or otherwise dishonored. Specific protection shall be given to the Alamo Cenotaph which shall not be removed from its current location of the Alamo Battlefield footprint.
School Choice for All
Empower parents and guardians to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children’s education using tax credits or exemptions without government restraint or intrusion.
Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying
Abolish all forms of taxpayer-funded lobbying.
Executive Overreach
To reverse the abuse of the executive power and restore the rightful limitations on government authority as prescribed in the US Constitution and in the Texas Constitution.