ET4L Candidate Forum and Endorsement Process

Questions asked by previous candidates or officeholders up for re-election: 

Q:  How can ET4L assist me as a candidate?
A:  ET4L assists candidates in MANY ways.  Contact us at (903) 500-2292 and we will quickly show you how.

Q: Should I, a candidate, attend XYZ’s meeting?
A: ET4L recommends every candidate attend ALL AREA MEETINGS.

Q: How can ET4L guarantee no questions are shared with any candidates prior to a Candidate Forum?
A: Easy. Questions ALWAYS come from the floor the night of the event. If anyone says differently, ask yourself what they have to gain by their lie.

Q: Does ET4L assist candidates not supported by XYZ?
A:  ET4L does not play favorites. We do not tell one candidate we are for them and his/her opponent the same thing.  All candidates are provided the same information.  No email glitches.

Q:  Does ET4L accept applications for a particular office?
A:  Absolutely not. An applicant should file with the appropriate office, whether it be the Secretary of State or a County Party.

Q:  Are ET4L’s endorsements for life?
A:  No.  An endorsement is listed “for the Primary”, “for the Runoff”, etc. If an endorsement does not indicate a specific race, then the organization endorses throughout that specific General Election in that year.

Q:  How does ET4L’s endorsement process work?
A:  The Board of Directors of ET4L sets a very high standard for granting endorsements. The endorsement of a candidate is a serious matter. We do not make endorsements in order to participate in a popularity contest. We do not make endorsements based on appeasing interested groups, and we do not make endorsements based on political risk. Our endorsement process is dedicated to raising a higher standard for public office; thus, we seek to determine the character, core values, temperament, judgment, management style, practical vision, and work ethic of the candidates. Our standards require that we thoroughly and intensely vet candidates by checking into their stated qualifications, credentials, training, experience, and voting records. During the vetting process, we hold candidate interviews, forums, and debates, attend/review forums held by other organizations, review candidate websites, questionnaires, and candidate’s Facebook and Twitter postings.

An ET4L endorsement or lack thereof is never personal.  No one member of the Endorsement team is aware of other member votes.

Q:  I am a candidate, but I am not available on January 10, 2022.  Will ET4L still assist me?
A:  Absolutely, in MANY ways.  Contact us at (903) 500-2292 and we will quickly tell you how.

Q:  Does ET4L endorse when a candidate does not have an opponent?
A:  Normally, no.  However, we have been known to do so under certain circumstances i.e., an overwhelming number of inquiries were received regarding a candidate/officeholder.

Q:  By not endorsing a candidate that has no opponent, does that mean ET4L does not support that candidate?
A:  Absolutely not.  Again, ET4L does not endorse based on appeasing interested groups or on political risk. Normally, that candidate or officeholder has already been endorsed by an overwhelming number of our team, individually, in the past and there are merely no changes. Our endorsements are dedicated to raising a higher standard for public office. If the candidate/officeholder does not have an opponent, then it could merely be that the individual does not need an endorsement.  It’s never meant to be personal or to be viewed as a lack of support.

Q:  If ET4L says they will continue to watch a candidate/officeholder to ensure a conservative record, does that mean the candidate has a higher probability to not be conservative?
A:  Absolutely not.  Every candidate/officeholder’s record is reviewed. If a candidate or elected official for re-election is endorsed, ET4L FIRMLY stands behind that candidate/elected official during the Endorsement process.

Q:  I was told ET4L schedules their Candidate Forum to compete with area groups.
A.  ET4L originated in 2014.  Never have we scheduled over another area group.  Our Candidate Forum is on the 2nd Monday of January in an odd-numbered (election) year. Period. Integrity is foremost with ET4L.  This has not changed. 

Q:  XYZ said I will lose if I have anything to do with East Texans for Liberty.
A:  We hear this every election season. Normally, no one falls for this unproven threat. One may wish to see our win/lose history vs XYZ.  Also, ask yourself why any person or group would make such a threat? It’s not in the candidates’ best interest.