Austin ISD Implements Pornographic Sex Education Policy

Austin ISD Implements Pornographic Sex Education Policy

Texas Children are in DANGER!

Dear Friends,

East Texans for Liberty has been sounding the alarm on issues pertaining to our Texas children. Whether it be:
Pardo case: When a CPS office, in Senate District 2, removed a child from his home solely at the CPS’ discretion. The CPS office did not have an emergency removal request;
Younger case: A father’s fight to protect his son when the estranged mother sought chemical castration of their son to become a girl;
The academic mental health centers in our Texas public schools (SB 11 signed into law); or
Austin ISD’s implementation of pornographic sex education policy.


Pardo case: Special thanks to the Texas Home School Coalition for their efforts for this young man and his family, as well as collecting a vast number of stories covering the madness! Read more. Also, special thanks to Senator Bob Hall for his proactive efforts concerning the injustice the family endured.

It is extremely important to elect Judges that match our Texas family values.

Younger case: Special thanks to Mr. Younger’s attorney, State Senator Bob Hall for sounding the alarm and the Attorney General Ken Paxton who has opened an investigation. The Judge has ordered the father and mother to share in the custody of their son and now share equal say over the boy’s medical decisions. Praise the Lord!


Two years ago, ET4L attended a Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition meeting wherein, one of the speakers, a former Austin ISD teacher, strongly warned leaders of what was coming down the pike so-to-speak within the Austin ISD concerning egregious sex education classes planned. Well, it is here, folks!


  • Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids How to Have Anal Sex
    “The sex and gender revolutionaries have officially taken over the Austin Independent School District without firing a single shot.
    In spite of overwhelming opposition from parents and pastors, the district’s trustees voted early Tuesday morning to implement a pornographic sex education policy that includes instruction on anal sex and how to place a condom on an erect penis.”
    “Students in grade school and middle school will also be taught how to get an abortion or obtain birth control pills without parental permission or consent.” READ MORE.
    The school district will also begin instructing students to no longer use words like “mother” or “father.
  • WATCH: Transgender Thugs Target Parents Over Radical Sex Ed Policy
    “The Austin Independent School District is considering a radical sex education curriculum that would teach children how to perform anal sex and would mandate that students become political advocates for the LGBT movement.” READ MORE.
  • Austin ISD Invites Drag Queen Prostitute to Elementary School, Sign of Things to Come
    In a sign of things to come if Austin ISD approves their proposed hypersexualized sex education curriculum, Blackshear Fine Arts Academy an elementary school in Austin ISD, recently hosted a drag queen at the school’s library who has previously been convicted of prostitution charges. READ MORE
  • Austin ISD Adopts Radical Sex Education, Opens Government Up to Legal Attacks
    After the overwhelming majority of local residents testified against Austin ISD’s new radical sex education curriculum, the elected Austin ISD school board voted to formally adopt a radical, hypersexualized and potentially illegal sex education curriculum that was imported, in part, from Canada. READ MORE.


Is it any wonder that more families are electing to home school?

What can WE…as parents, voters, and believers do? You can contact your lawmakers Find them through the Who Represents Me link.

This came out yesterday:
Georgia lawmaker: Make aiding gender transition of minors a felony

For they cannot sleep unless they do evil;
And they are robbed of sleep unless they make someone stumble.
Proverbs 4:16

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by those that do.