ACTION: Texas needs HB 1399

Protect Texas children from gender reassignment modification – HB 1399


YOUR calls — YOUR VOICE — during the 87th Legislative Session have made an incredible difference. With just over three weeks left of the session — for our Texas children — we cannot stop now.

Children and Gender Modification is one of the RPT’s 87th legislative priorities. HB 1399 has been passed out of the Public Health Committee and is on its way to the Calendars.

East Texans for Liberty supports HB 1399 and asks you to contact the Calendars Committee and respectfully let them know where you stand. HB 1399 protects our Texas minors who are too young to fully understand the lasting effects. HB 1399 needs to pass both chambers and be signed into law by the Governor this session!

Read from the bill author Representative Matt Krause (HD 93).

Please call the Calendars Committee and respectfully express your support for HB 1399: 

Chairman Dustin Burrows: 512-463-0542

Committee Clerk Paige Higerd: 512-463-0758

Rep. Cody Harris: 512-463-0730

Rep. Cole Hefner: 512-463-0271

Rep. Ben Leman: 512-463-0600

Rep. Jared Patterson: 512-463-0694

Rep. Shelby Slawson: 512-463-0626

Rep. Tom Craddick: 512-463-0500

Rep. Joe Moody: 512-463-0728

Rep. Ana Hernandez: 512-463-0614

Rep. Toni Rose: 512-463-0664

Rep. James Talarico: 512-463-0670